Upala is a supply center for cattle ranchers and rice growers in the area. A hospital, bank, medical clinic, pharmacy and gas station are here. There is a busy commercial marketplace in the town center where vendors sell fruits, vegetables and a wide array of other home-grown products. Several small restaurants share the market area, and there are other restaurants and a few places to stay in the town.

The soil is rich with nutrients primarily due to the historic volcanic activity in the area, there are 3 dormant volcanos in the general area of Upala. 4 farms have been selected for a total of 10 hectares that is being farmed in and around Upala.


The location chosen due to ideal climate and favorable conditions, Upala. Upala is the capital city of the canton of Upala in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica. It is also the name of the district (district) that includes the city. The district of Upala covers an area of 245.62 km2 [1] and has a population of 13,518. [2]

The city lies at an elevation of 48 meters above sea level [1] in the northwest corner of the San Carlos Plain (Llanura de San Carlos) in northern Costa Rica, 76 kilometers southeast of La Cruz, 124 kilometers’ northwest of Ciudad Quesada, 195 kilometers from the provincial capital city of Alajuela, and 214 kilometers from the national capital city of San José.

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Since 11/15, we've conducted over 12 studies on germination

Rick Reyes and Rick Rios have completed all studies on the pilots conducted since Nov 2015 which consisted of over 12 plots and over 1000+ seedlings that successfully germinated and grew. Noting the pilots were conducted from 4 different altitudes throughout Costa Rica. The project started after hundreds of hours of research, the goal was to find the ideal micro-climate within Costa Rica to grow Moringa on an industrial scale.


Moringa Pura Vida had committed to plant 2 Million Trees within the first year of operations, by September 2016 the team had surpassed that goal and achieved 3 Million seeds planted in and around Upala at our 4 farming locations. The trees are planted in a manner to maximize growth and provide abundant leaf harvests. On average each tree can be harvested 6 times each year for their leaf production. Moringa Oleifera will grow on average 8-10 feet per year with the proper care and pruning.  By the end of 2017 Moringa Pura Vida will have over 4 Million trees actively growing in and around Upala.

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Economic Impact


Moringa Pura Vida has employed over 100 seasonal/part-time workers in and around Upala.  Types of personnel hired include; farmers, landscapers, construction personnel, tractor drivers, heavy machinery operators, and transportation professionals to assist in getting our farms operational. Moringa Pura Vida has also retained professional services from Project Managers, Accountants, Book-keepers, administrative staff and purchasing managers. 

Area being Improved:

Moringa Pura Vida is committed to provide fair pay and opportunity to all qualified candidates that apply for employment be it part-time, seasonal or full-time. We have quickly become known as a first in class operation within the area and have hundreds of candidates contacting us for work each month. Moringa Pura Vida provides professional working conditions for all personnel be it in the office or at the farms. 

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